In June 2019, Deep Branch Biotechnology and Drax Power Group announced their partnership as part of the BECCUS (BioEnergy Carbon Capture Utilisation & Storage) project. Drax are the UK’s largest renewable energy producer and the partnership will see Deep Branch utilising carbon dioxide from Drax’s flue gas at their renewable energy plant in Yorkshire (UK).

Following full lab-scale validation of the Deep Branch Biotechnology process, this partnership represents the first real-world application of the technology. The partnership with Drax offers an opportunity to validate using carbon dioxide that is already generated in a sustainable fashion. Because Drax’s biomass units are carbon neutral at the point of generation, the process creates extremely low-carbon protein.

This pilot project represents a major step towards roll-out of a with the potential to generate large quantities of sustainable protein. By using this protein as animal feed, production of animal products becomes less environmentally impactful, whilst arable land conventionally used for soy production will be made available for other uses.

“We want to create a cleaner environment for future generations whilst generating new jobs and export opportunities for British businesses. Technologies like this could enable some of our more difficult to decarbonise sectors, like agriculture, to make positive changes to address the climate crisis.”

– Will Gardiner, Drax Group CEO