Our biological carbon recycling solution helps companies who want to reduce their carbon footprint without impacting negatively on operational costs. Unlike traditional carbon storage technology that simply collects carbon dioxide, we use it for something meaningful. Our biological process converts the carbon dioxide into sustainable protein, and unlike conventional biological methods, such as algae cultivation, it requires minimal labour and land, and no sunlight.

Why use our technology?

Beyond capture

Why capture and store your carbon emissions when you can use them for something better?

Geographical flexibility

Unlike use of algae, our process requires no sunlight, therefore no matter how cold and grey the weather is, our microbes are perfectly happy. All that’s required is carbon dioxide and electricity.


The modular design of our system means it is capable of capturing some or all of your emissions. Once you’re ready to scale up, simply add another module. Our fermentation vessels scale vertically, making for a great volume to footprint ratio.

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