Bart Pander, PhD
Scientific Lead

Microbiologist with deep knowledge of gas fermentation. Unrivaled knowhow on growing microbes on industrial flue gas.

Peter Rowe, PhD
Commercial Lead

Molecular biologist turned entrepreneur with expertise in innovation management.

Rob Mansfield, PhD
Operational lead

Metabolic engineer with over five years experience optimising industrial microbes, extensive experience successfully executing synbio projects.

The Deep Branch Biotechnology co-founders met whilst at the University of Nottingham’s Synthetic Biology Research Centre (SBRC). Whilst working together on ways to utilize gas fermentation for production of chemicals, the team discovered they had a shared desire to make a positive impact of the world. Pete and Bart left the SBRC to pursue new challenges in commercial and academic biotech, whilst Rob remained at the SBRC to continue the work of his PhD. The team kept in touch and when in the summer of 2018 Bart proposed a new twist on how gas fermentation could be used for clean production of single cell protein, Pete and Rob were sold. They were able to go from idea to raising pre-seed funding within four months, and haven’t looked back since.