Seeds & Chips (Speaking announcement!)

In May, we’ll be talking about how and why we’re developing technology to produce protein in a more sustainable manner.

Every year Milan hosts Seeds & Chips, the global food innovation summit. With keynote speakers of previous years including Barack Obama and Bill Gates, the quality of the summit speaks for itself. We’re thrilled to be involved and can’t wait!

For more details, check out the Seeds & Chips website.

Tech Nation Finals!

This month Pete and Rob showed off Deep Branch’s technology at the Tech Nation grand finals. It was a great day with loads of good tech on show, we’re looking forward to seeing where some of the companies go in the future. Of particular interest was Seed Legals, not least because they recently helped us finance our Pre-Seed round!

Hello Tomorrow: a deep dive into deep tech

Later this month we’ll be showcasing our tech at Hello Tomorrow, the world-leading deep tech summit. But what is Deep Tech?

Deep tech described technologies are heavily based in science and engineering and extremely IP (intellectual property) heavy. Often when people think of the hottest tech start ups, peoples think of software based companies that are “The Uber of X” or the next Facebook. In contrast, deep tech start ups require in depth knowledge of the most cutting edge scientific disciplines and are therefore closely linked to academic research.

Various challenges exist in starting a deep tech company. Even if you leave aside the technological hurdles, securing funding to cover niche technical equipment and an extensive patent portfolio is often problematic. We’re looking forward to Hello Tomorrow because it will provide an opportunity to meet innovators from completely different fields that face similar problems.

Carbon recycling: the cornerstone of our next industrial strategy

At Deep Branch, we don’t just believe our technology can make an impact in how we produce protein. Instead, we view it as a platform technology that can be utilised to aid sustainable production of a range of products. This week, we met with Lord Henley, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). During this meeting, we discussed why circular solutions are crucial for industrial strategy going forward.

Of course, we aren’t the only ones working on ways to recycle carbon-rich waste streams. Often you’ll hear us talking about the good work LanzaTech are doing in the field producing green chemicals from utilising similar gas fermentation technology. If you want to keep up to date with the cutting edge science in this field, we recommend you check out CCnet.

Forbes 30 Under 30

This week, Deep Branch Biotechnology founders Peter Rowe and Rob Mansfield were announced as part of Forbes’ European 30 Under 30 Manufacturing & Industry 2019 (unfortunately fellow co-founder Bart was too old!).

Forbes highlighted the game-changing potential of the Deep Branch process. Citing the technology’s ability to removes carbon dioxide directly from industrial emissions, converting it into nutritious protein.

What Pete had to say about it:

“We established Deep Branch Biotechnology to make the biggest possible positive impact on the world, in the shortest possible timeframe. In the six months since the company’s inception, we have already begun to make this ambition a reality. We’re thrilled that Forbes have recognised our advances to date, but don’t plan to slow down anytime soon. We’ll shortly be unveiling our plans with commercial collaborators to start producing protein directly from industrial emissions and are shaping up to have our next big funding round closed by the end of the year.”

New office!

Today saw Deep Branch officially move into BioCity‘s Nottingham facility, MediCity.

MediCity is home to some of the UK’s most innovative biotech companies and fast becoming one of Europe’s leading hubs. Already part of the community are Chain Biotechnology and Nu Vision, companies developing microbiome therapeutics and next generation wound dressings respectively. With Deep Branch coming in as the first of a new generation of BioCity accelerator alumni, we can’t wait to see who else is joins the party.

C1NET: Something from nothing

Earlier this month, the Deep Branch team attended the C1net, a conference covering all things gas fermentation. It was great to see how other minds were putting this game changing technology to use.

Highlights included LanzaTech‘s CSO and founder Sean Simpson talking about how they’re turning steel mill off gas into jet fuel (amongst other things). The three Deep Branch co-founders worked closely during their PhDs with LanzaTech, so it’s always nice to catch up!

This year, C1net will rebrand as CCnet, a network for academic and industrial research into recycling waste derived from greenhouse gases into high value products. We look forward to playing a big part in driving the community forward!