Deep Branch is accelerating!

Exciting times ahead for Deep Branch Biotechnology. After pitching earlier this month, we’ve formally been accepted onto the hotly contested UK-based BioCity DEVELOP programme. Today, together with a handful of other biotech and medtech early-stage start-ups, we’ll be starting our eight-week journey at the BioCity group’s MediCity campus in Nottingham (UK).


DEVELOP is BioCity’s accelerator programme, aimed at using lean start-up methodologies to help identify scalable, profitable and repeatable business models to bring the best out of the technology, knowhow and talent of early-stage startups. Every week we’ll be sharing our progress with the rest of the cohort, and learning through a combination of case studies, one-to-one sessions with industry experts and investors, and business model generation tasks.


BioCity is the UK’s largest biotechnology accelerator and incubator, with five campuses across the UK. As well as early-stage investment, BioCity offer support services, office space and lab facilities. More information can be found on the BioCity website.

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