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Deep Branch’s proprietary CO₂-to-protein process directly utilises CO₂ from industrial emissions to generate Proton™, a single-cell protein (SCP) optimised for animal nutrition. Sign up to learn why Proton™ is transforming sustainable animal feed. (2)
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Why use our technology

Our biological carbon recycling solution helps companies who want to reduce their carbon footprint without impacting negatively on operational costs. Unlike traditional carbon storage technology that simply collects carbon dioxide, we use it for something meaningful. Our biological process converts the carbon dioxide into high-value products.

How Proton™ changes the game

Tailored amino acid profile ensures that Proton™ is nutritionally optimised to meet the the demands of animal feed



Comparable nutritional profile to fishmeal (the aquaculture industry gold standard)



Bespoke nutritional profile to meet demand for precision nutrition to improve performance


Novel Applications

Please get in touch if you are interested in co-developing innovative Proton™-based products

The UK’s first-ever scalable route to the sustainable generation of protein capturing the carbon dioxide from bio-energy generation

REACT-FIRST encompasses all key stakeholders in the Proton™ production value chain  



The UK’s largest single site renewable electricity generator and pioneer of Bioenergy with Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (BECCUS). Drax announced its world-leading ambition to be carbon negative by 2030 and has been working with Deep Branch to explore the feasibility of using its carbon dioxide emissions to make proteins for sustainable animal feed products.


Deep Branch

Experts in recycling industrial CO₂ into cost-competitive protein for high-value, sustainable animal feed. The work of REACT-FIRST centres around the use of microbes to convert CO₂ directly from industrial emissions into Proton™ produced by Deep Branch. Using feed industry-defined data and advanced robotics, this project aims to further improve the strong nutritional profile of Proton™ and sustainably disrupt the UK's aquaculture and poultry industries.  



Recognised as the world’s best sustainable seafood retailer in 2017. Sainsbury’s is assisting with stakeholder mapping and engagement in order to ensure maximum potential market acceptance, penetration and end-to-end value. Sainsbury’s recently pledged to become Net Zero across its own operations by 2040, and REACT-FIRST’s focus aligns with these wider values.

Deep branch for feed producers

How Proton™ is the new standard in bulk protein for compound feed

Deep Branch converts clean CO₂ into Protein, so you can secure stable pricing and guarantee quality compound animal feed. Proton™ is cost-competitive with incumbent proteins and offers a 90% saving on carbon footprint.

Drax making a significant contribution to UK efforts to build a zero carbon economy. Deep Branch is exploring the feasibility of using Drax’s CO₂ emissions to make proteins for sustainable animal feed.

AB Agri

A global agri-food business and leading producer of monogastric feed. Formulation experts at AB Agri build nutritionally tailored feeds for broiler chickens using their extensive experience in novel feed production.


BioMar is involved in testing of the high potential raw material Proton™, focusing on sustainability, performance, digestibility and other parameters essential for fish health and growth.


Companies choose Deep Branch to power a sustainable advantage

REACT-FIRST gets funding boost

Led by Deep Branch, the project will obtain critical data about cost, digestibility, nutritional quality and carbon footprint of Proton™. The funding will allow the consortium to provide a greener alternative to soy and fishmeal for the animal industry, enabling industries that traditionally create higher levels of waste, such as agriculture, to contribute to a cleaner environment.